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Prom 2008 – Short Hair

Short dressy Prom hairstyles can be dramatic in their own right. With this in mind, avoid accessories that might break up the look, and the spectacular lines. Should you wish to use accessories, do so with an ultra skinny headband, preferably with starkly contrasting hues.

One good short-hair prom style would have one side panel back combed into a fluffy confection. This is then directed upward and over the top of the head in a comb-over. The ruffled combed-over section of hair is then sprayed heavily to give it staying power.

Published by Kitch on 17 Jul 2015

L’OREAL Advanced Hair Care

L’oreal is known for producing top notch, high quality and effective products and they’ve been proving it for 1OO years! Their continued service is evident when they launched their new franchise which was five years in the making- ADVANCED HAIRCARE. It is designed to help women in America change the life of their hair and ultimately improve it for good. It consists of five modules with shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment to deliver instant and lasting results. All one needs to do is to follow the instructions and the rest, the L’oreal products will do. They want women to not just simply wash their hair, but to take time to treat it. A treatment will give the strands a polished look and bring it back to life. Their Advanced haircare product includes 2 rinse-out masks, 3 leave-in sprays, a serum and a creme formula. These tailor-made solutions will help in working to have your hair healthy once more.


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Guide To Hair Products For Men

We all know women spend a lot of time taking care of their hair. We always have to have the right products to make our hair soft and healthy and our hairstyle perfect. What most people don’t know is there are many products available to men for hair care similar to those for women. Men’s hairstyles are also complex and require hair care products for maintaining moisture, protecting the hair, and for styling.

Men should have soft and healthy hair as well and for those who are very adamant about their hairstyle many shampoos, conditioners, softeners, gels and other hair styling products are available for use. So guys, or those ladies trying to help their guys out, if you are looking for some good mens hair care products then we have a list for you.

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So many Hair Care Products – What Works?

haircareEverybody has their favorites and ask the experts and so do they, for not all beauty products are made the same and it will depend totally on who you’re talking to. Hair care products/ are like other cosmetics wherein each and every manufacturer has their own proprietary ingredients or combination of ingredients. Some work while a lot don’t but don’t take our word for it for you are the best person to ask which works for you. Hair care experts sadly have to follow certain provisions in their sponsorship contracts for them to endorse certain products. Some use products they have used for so long, they can predict the outcome with utter reliability.
The rest, jump onto the new product bandwagon and try anything new even if they are hot off the shelves which sometimes leads to controversy for as we have said, you are the only one who can answer if they really work. The other factor to consider is that each and every individual has their own minute differences, for you may seem like you have similar hair but the shampoo she uses is different from you. The chemical balance, pH and many more factors makes every case unique thus no absolute product would work for all. hair care products tend to work on the basis of general response during trials where they test the varying combination of their products to come up with the best (for them) product for a specific hair type.

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ロレアルパリスは毎年、サロンショップのオーナーを招待し、彼らの新製品を紹介します。 今年のイベントタイトルはロレアルのエスピオナージュでした。

ショーは6PMから開始されました。出席者はほとんどオーナーとフィリピン人のスタイリストでした。 パリ、韓国、日本などから来た外国人のゲストも見られました。


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Shampoos for Great Hair: L’ Oreal Vive Pro

L’ Oreal Vive Pro – L’ Oreal also has a wide range of hair care products that would suit your hair’s needs. For a mirror shiny hair, try L’ Oreal Vive Pro Nutri Gloss. It has pearl-protein complex that makes each strand smooth and shiny. If you prefer to have both shine and body to your hair, Vive Pro Glossy Volume would give you just that. You’ll have bouncy hair that’s still manageable and not weighed down. Tame those frizz by shampooing with Vive Pro Smooth Intense. It has Advanced Nutrileum Complex that locks in moisture for that super sleek, straight, and frizz-free hair.

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Bored of Long Frizzy Hair – Short Is In

shorthairTired of the constant care you have to endure to maintain your frizzy hair, then change to a shorter look that is all the rage in Hollywood as seen with many of our favorite stars. Long hair is quite luxurious and sophisticated yet care and maintenance can cost an arm and a leg in hair care products. Even the lowly haircut and salon care costs a lot, with some of your favorite stars spending hundreds of dollars just to keep their hair in tip-top shape, ready to face the camera at any time. Continue Reading »

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Aloe Vera for the Hair

A lot of people are having problems with hair loss. While there are many treatments available, they are either expensive and none of them guarantee concrete effects.
Aloe vera has been widely used in alternative/herbal medicine (diabetes, psoriasis, burns, antibacterial, antifungal, heart burns, irritable bowel syndrome) and beauty business. Furthermore, aloe vera is also known to be a natural, safe, and inexpensive remedy for hair loss. It acts as a natural hair conditioner and is proven safe as it has no known side effects. The enzymes found in aloe vera juice helps promote hair growth by balancing the pH. It works by giving new life to the hair and the scalp to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. Aloe vera products can also be used to treat itchy, scaly scalps, dandruff, and oily hair.

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Folligen Solution Therapy: Using Skin Remodeling Copper-Peptides for Your Scalp and Hair Health

Skin Remodeling Copper-Peptides to Restore Hair Health! Used consistently, the Folligen products and minoxidil can help improve hair health and vitality. Folligen products are is based on the 2nd Generation of Skin Remodeling Copper-Peptides (SRCPs) invented by biochemist Dr. Loren Pickart.

Our patented formula has been designed in three methods of application: Folligen Cream (which works well on hairlines) Folligen Lotion (more liquid than its cream counterpart and works well on denser areas) and Folligen Spray (water based liquid with a sprayer mist for easier application). You will find the science behind the formula and an array of products such as Sample Kits, Shampoo/Conditioner and Emu Oil-S for the Hair by reading below.

Product Review: “It has been three months now and my hair is thicker than when I was 20…I love it and you will too!” (From G.W.)


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Hair with volume


To have sexy hair, it should have volume and great natural texture. Stick straight hair or big frizzy one is hard to find sexy, so if you want to achieve that sultry hair look, here are the sure fire ways to make it happen.

1. The easiest way to do it is to change your parting. Don’t part in the middle as this will easily look flat.

2. Choose the right hair cut. This normally means not going heavily layered as this will appear thin.

3. Whenever choosing for hair products, go for the one that is volumizing. L’oreal Professional have great hair products that add volume.

4. Invest in a really good velcro heated rollers. Get the larger rollers as these ones adds more volume.

5. Coloring the hair will also instantly add volume. This is because coloring products causes the strands to swell.

6. Learn how to tease your hair and use the right comb that won’t damage your hair strands.

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