Published by Alvin on 13 Nov 2014

Hair Coloring Dos and Don’ts (part 1)

Girls just can’t resist experimenting with their tresses. I’m guilty of the deed because I just got my hair dyed two weeks ago. It wasn’t the first time I tried it, but it pretty scared me of how “bad” I’ll look like in case I don’t get things right.

First things first, choose hair coloring products which are tried and tested. Don’t attempt to give your virgin mane cheap products (those that cost way too low for you to believe) as these might just destroy your hair. Trust me, I’ve been there. I had to steer clear from coloring products for three years, until I’ve had my smooth black-brown hair back.

Published by Alvin on 05 Nov 2014

Gorgeous ‘Dos For the Beautiful You – Layers (part 2)

If you’re the type who go for layers, good for you! Angled layers add movement to weighed-down mane. This is one of my favorite styles! I’m a sucker for the tousled, just-got-out-of-bed look. You may use Velcro rollers to achieve this. For soft curls that look natural, scrunch the Velcro balls into your hair while blow-drying. To avoid tangles, don’t sleep on them or coil hair more than twice.

The beauty of layers is that they give body to your hair. Your styling time could take up to 30 minutes. You could flip your hair from one side to the other while blow-drying. This will add fullness to your mane. Use a jumbo round brush to direct the layers toward the face. You can pull it back or up, or blow the layers back or under.

Published by Alvin on 29 Oct 2014

Summer Hair

e1.jpgEvery summer, we hit off the beach or the pool. And this may cause hair damage because of the chlorine in the pool or the salty water. To prevent from serious damage, always rinse your hair after swimming. The chlorine will not only dry out your hair but it will dull your color as well.

Published by Kitch on 22 Oct 2014

Pastel Hair Color


2013 is the time to make a big bold statement, and what better way to do that than to dye your hair a pastel color. Yes, you read that right, pastel color on hair is the newest trend! It is unnatural and maybe it looks a lot more like a cupcake or candy but it sure is cute. Getting your hair turned pastel is easier than you think, especially if you already have light hair to begin with. Here’s what you need to turn your locks into pastel.

30 Volume developer

Bleach, liquid or powder

Color dye, choose the color you want the most

Hair Toner

Mixing bowl, gloves and hair color applicator

Bleach you hair and remember to follow directions carefully since bleach is strong and can ruin your hair. Use a toner right after you bleach. Apply the hair dye for 30 minutes and then condition. If you want it done the correct way, go to a salon since they have the right tools and knowledge on how to make it work.

Published by Alvin on 15 Oct 2014

Conditioning Your Hair – Properly!

haircareAs the adage goes, not everything is created equal and so does hair care products. most are merely a concoction of oils and extracts that works for sometime, till it dries up leaving hair more damaged and dry. Conditioners are meant to protect the individual hair strands, coating them with natural products and even keratin derivatives that mimic’s the hair’s own composition. researchers have found that most of the conditioners on the market today simply have too large a molecules to effectively fill in the gaps in hair that they simply lie in clumps all over the place. Continue Reading »

Published by Alvin on 08 Oct 2014

Tips – Doing your hair for a special Occasion

A few common things to keep in mind while doing your hair for a special occasion:

If your hair is too silky (overly conditioned) or slick (oily) it won’t be able to hold a curl and/or stay in place once you style it. But if, on the other hand, it is “squeaky” clean, it won’t have enough natural oils to help prevent frizz and to make it pliable enough for lasting curls and other styles. To help create hair that is clean yet conditioned, the night before ? shampoo with Aloe Rid gentle clarifying shampoo, which frees hair from the dirt, excess sebum, and styling product residue that can make it look and feel lifeless and limp?without stripping. Follow up with Headress? weightless leave-in conditioner, which adds the weightless body, moisture and bounce crucial to any special occasion style.

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Published by Alvin on 01 Oct 2014

Choosing Your Stylist or Barber

I know a few guys who have stuck with one barber for most of their adult lives. Why? They usually stick with the one who already knows the ins and outs of his hairstyle and hair needs. Switching barbers or stylists everytime would tend to make it difficult to take care of hair. But if you have someone you know and trust, you don’t even have to tell him or her what style you want. You just sit on the chair, and he can do his magic.

At least that is the case if you’d rather stick to one style. If you’re the experimenting kind, then of course you can go ahead with different stylists.

Published by editor on 24 Sep 2014

TIGI Bed Head

The real clincher of TIGI Bed Head Small Talk is its easy and time saving application. This hair styling agent is best for women with curly locks because it allows them to keep their waves under control and prevents the development of frizz. It is relatively pricey but you don’t really have to use a lot seeing that the product holds pretty strongly at minimal amount. It could be used directly on damp hair and it requires no blow-drying in order to achieve maximum control. The dark side of this product is that alone, it can dry the mane so we recommend you use a hair serum with Small Talk to provide the much needed shine boost. TIFI Bed Head is the ultimate solution for women who has a hard time taming their unruly locks.

Published by Alvin on 17 Sep 2014

On Hair Coloring

e6.jpgTouching up your roots is something you can do at home or in between salon visits. You can purchase your favorite hair color in the nearest drugstores or shopping malls. But be sure that if you are going to do the application, put on your gloves and wear an old t-shirt for protection.
Be sure to test in a small area first for any allergic reaction to the solution you’re about to use for there are some people that react severely to off-the-shelf products.
Salon products are of the professional grade and tends to be more consumer friendly that OTC-commercial types.

Published by Kitch on 10 Sep 2014

Color Treated Hair

A lot of women enjoy coloring their hair to change their looks. This is all fine as long as it is well taken care of especially during the summer time. The heat of the sun can easily leave the hair dry and damaged, to avoid that, here are some hair care tips for women or men who have color treated hair.

  • Do not shampoo your hair everyday. Limit to washing it every 3 days if possible. This is because if you wash the hair often, the color will come out.
  • Whenever you are out in the sun, try to cover your hair with cool accessories like hats or scarves. If you are not into that, always apply a leave-on conditioner to protect it from the scorching heat.
  • If you can avoid it, do not use heating elements like straightening iron, blow dry or curling irons. This will just damage your hair.

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