You may consider yourself an expert on hair coloring with your experience of having to do it yourself regularly to cover your grey hair. Instead of spending all that time on coloring your hair though, why not attempt to prevent premature greying of hair by taking better care of yourself?

In a recent article in BoldSky, preventive measures for greying hair were mentioned, including avoiding stress, investing in a good anti-dandruff shampoo, avoiding crash diets, incorporating enough copper into your diet (take supplements if you have to!), and using traditional treatments like curry leaves and the ribbed gourd treatment.

While doing all the above tips may seem more work to you than just buying dye from the convenience store and coloring your hair with it, remember that the effects of following these advice will benefit more than just your hair. It will have a positive effect on your overall health, quality of living, and may be even your job (or job hunt if you’re out of a job).

Image via Subflux