To have sexy hair, it should have volume and great natural texture. Stick straight hair or big frizzy one is hard to find sexy, so if you want to achieve that sultry hair look, here are the sure fire ways to make it happen.

1. The easiest way to do it is to change your parting. Don’t part in the middle as this will easily look flat.

2. Choose the right hair cut. This normally means not going heavily layered as this will appear thin.

3. Whenever choosing for hair products, go for the one that is volumizing. L’oreal Professional have great hair products that add volume.

4. Invest in a really good velcro heated rollers. Get the larger rollers as these ones adds more volume.

5. Coloring the hair will also instantly add volume. This is because coloring products causes the strands to swell.

6. Learn how to tease your hair and use the right comb that won’t damage your hair strands.